Thinking outside of the tomato

Article by: Chloe Williams-Gould Article by: Chloe Williams-Gould  |   04 September 2019

The office is full of distractions. With so many things needed at the same time, focusing on getting it done can be hard, especially if it’s something that’s lower priority, or something you keep putting off. For us, that’s developing Prism’s own marketing - there always seems to be something else to do: creating an email header, proofing some copy, updating a landing page, building an app, debating how the Egyptian pyramids were built, and even discussing everyone’s favourite biscuit…

At Prism we struggle to find time within our day to focus on Prism work, as we’re so busy delivering fantastic client campaigns, we’re in and out of meetings or constantly checking emails. So, here’s the twist: after deliberating as a team, we’re going the way of the tomato and trialling The Pomodoro Technique.

For B2B marketing agencies, time is of the essence

The Pomodoro Technique is essentially a time management tool. It’s named after those kitsch kitchen timers that look like tomatoes – you know the ones I mean. To succeed, you choose a task you’d like to get done, set the Pomodoro timer for 25 minutes and work solely on the task until the times up. No emails, no distractions, no talking. This is then followed by a short 5-minute break after each set to help boost productivity, encourage creativity and increase motivation. Prism tried this 1st hand and some found this was easier than others - for certain team members, staying silent for 25 minutes turns out to be rather problematic. However, in just 1 hour, we made serious progress on Prism marketing – new pages, new designs, new video material – all waiting to be unveiled soon… watch this space!

The hidden benefits of the Pomodoro Technique

1. Knowing your worth

Time is valuable, and whether you’re charging for it or not, the Pomodoro technique allows you better to calculate your time and plan your next Pomodoro session accordingly, working to a delivery plan.

2. Improving output

The pomodoro technique increases focus, helping to manage any distractions to your advantage, as you eliminate anything that may set you off the track of completing the task.

3. Work with time

The Pomodoro Technique may at first feel like you are fighting a losing battle against a ticking clock, however after setting goals and tasks you need to achieve within the 25-minute sessions, you’ll begin to focus on the task at hand. All without any interruptions, making the task easier to complete.

4. Eliminate burnout

The Pomodoro Technique is an effective way of keeping your mind fresh. Taking a 5-minute break after each session will prevent you from running out of brain power. Stick to the system, and its impossible to overwork yourself.

5. Simple is best

The Pomodoro Technique might be simple, but has many surprising benefits. It’s an effective way to achieve a balance between quality and quantity, all in the space of 25 minutes.

If you or someone you know seems to be constantly fighting the clock, share this blog, give the pomodoro technique a go and start the clock!

(This blog was written in 6 pomodoro sessions)