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17 December 2019 | by Faye Marsden

Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work redeveloping our brand creative and key messaging to better match our marketing agency’s values and services. We’re the first to admit that for a long time we’ve been frustrated by the Prism website and brand, as we truly believe it doesn’t represent who we are, or what we’re capable of as a team!

You might have noticed we’ve gradually bled some elements of the new brand into our main blog and social channels, but for the most part we’ve held back, despite how excited we’ve been to utilise the wonderfully vibrant and friendly creative approach that we’ve developed over the last six months or so.

For a marketing agency, it’s always difficult to address your own marketing needs when your client requirements always come first, but we’re proud to finally launch the new Prism website and brand.


Title Page

So what's changed?

You may notice the two main changes from a brand perspective are:

1. A vibrant yet friendly colour palette (bye bye, gloomy black website!)

2. Simple, fun, yet meaningful illustrations – designed inhouse - that better represent our people, personality and services.

As for the content across the site, we’ve changed direction there too. We still deliver the same services we always have – we’ve just never shouted about them enough. Well, that’s about to change.

Prism Create is a Fintech and IT marketing agency

Across the new site you’ll notice a greater focus on Fintech and the IT Channel, the only two sectors that we’re truly passionate about working in. And, that’s why they’re the only sectors we represent. Over the last 14 years we’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the most inspirational and amazing clients across some of the world’s greatest IT and Fintech organisations, and that’s something that we hope never changes.

Globe and Building

Showcasing our Creative, Content and Digital Marketing services

As for our services, our true strengths lie within creative, content and digital marketing, spanning many areas such as events, product marketing and demand generation campaigns – and that’s why these are the three core services of the new Prism brand. Even if you think you know us really well, dive in and see what we can do.

Creative content digital

We're shouting more about our interactive and application portfolio

We’re also still very much strong believers in the power of interactive content, and that’s why we continue to develop apps, tools and interactive experiences that wow your internal and external audiences.

apps content platforms

The whole team is still always available!

And that’s just about it! Although we’ve had a facelift, we’re still the same Prism team, that our customers, partners and friends know and love. We still don’t follow the same hierarchy model of our agency peers – if you want to talk to the boss, I’m here. Need a creative? Dino, Megan, Chris, Matt and Ranj are always just a phone call away. Digital marketing? Just ping Tom a message. Our people are our lifeblood, and that’s why they’re all available to talk to when you need them.

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From the full Prism team, congratulations for surviving another decade! Have a great Christmas break and we look forward working with you all in the new year!

Thanks for reading.


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