How to reduce the TCO of your webinar content

06 August 2020 | by Tom Kilburn

Picture this. You’ve spent the last couple of months planning for today. Your live webinar has just finished, and successfully provided your attendees with strong, industry-leading thought leadership, and hopefully pushed a good percentage of prospects closer to a sale. Marketing mission accomplished! Right?

So - now what?

Is that it for your webinar? Time to draw the curtains on all of that hard work and budget spent, and get cracking with the next one? You could always pop it on a landing page, allowing people to submit their details to watch it in the future. But let’s face it – if you do that it’s probably only going to gather digital dust, with the odd form submission here or there.

Unfortunately in our experience, that’s what happens with the majority of webinars. They get pushed to a dark corner of the site, readily forgotten in favour of the next shiny project. However, there’s great content in that webinar – fantastic content – and in video format too, which as we all know is great for engagement.

So how can we, for want of a better phrase, “sweat that asset” for all its worth. How can marketers squeeze every drop of value out of long-form, high value content such as webinars?

Transform your hour-long webinar content into a ten-minute highlights reel

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The challenge with promoting a pre-recorded webinar is that prospects have lost the chance to interact and engage with the presenter. Rather than having an opportunity to submit a specific question or ask for elaboration about a key point, the viewer is presented with an hour of talking and presentation slides, which could be less appealing, especially if the viewer is short on time.

Reviewing the content and pulling out the best bits offers a relatively innovative way to showcase the most valuable content in your webinar. With minor editing to spice up the visuals slightly (e.g. adding a portrait of the speaker, animating key words and separating each key point with a title card), you could end up with a concise and compelling piece of content that you can embed in future email campaigns, landing pages, and much more.

Repurpose your long-form content into bitesized snippets

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But why stop there? As we’ve discussed previously, everybody’s digital audience is generally short on time, and are actively searching for a fast answer to the challenges they need to solve. Chopping up that highlights reel into shorter and more consumable content not only makes it more compelling for the viewer to consume or engage with, but also allows you to be more targeted with your approach, ensuring only the most relevant content is delivered to appropriate personas. These snippets have already been edited in the previous stage, so just need chopping up into separate files, and hey presto – you’ve got 5-10 individual thought leadership pieces that could be used for an extended time on:

  • Social media channels (organic and paid)
  • Embedded in an email
  • As part of a conversation with sales, to highlight a point being made
  • PR materials
  • In tandem with channel partners
  • As linkable sources in reports and other pieces of high value content

Ultimately, rejigging, chopping and editing your webinar content allows you to deliver it over an extended period of time, reducing the total cost of ownership whilst increasing the lifecycle of the campaign.

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