How do we consume content in 2020?

09 January 2020 | by Chris Sutton

Admit it. We're ALL addicted to consuming content. Whether it's on our phone, tablets or computers, every single person has that itch that they need to scratch and we can’t help but dive deep into the world of digital media. With almost 4.5 billion active internet users as of October 2019, the world is your oyster – the audience is there, but how can you make sure your content matches their content consumption preferences?

Content marketing is massive.

According to Pew Research, roughly three in ten Americans – and 48% of those ages 18–29 – go online 'almost constantly', and we can imagine that the UK and Europe are not far behind. We all go looking for content to consume. As marketers, we’re answering the call, creating thousands and thousands of web articles, downloadable eBooks, videos, social posts, and more. Every single day.

If you're not convinced about the ROI capabilities of GREAT content marketing, take it from the experts over at the content marketing institute:

More than 70% of B2B marketers say they can demonstrate, with metrics, how content marketing has increased audience engagement and their number of leads

It's a no brainer! However for every yang comes it's yin, and with consuming content at an all-time high, there’s also a lot of content for your audience to sift through – and as a result demand for instant gratification has increased exponentially.

Today, we’re marketing to goldfish

According to scientists, a goldfish has a nine second attention span and as humans, some studies report that ours has dropped to around eight seconds! Now, while we don't literally have the attention span of a goldfish, as consumers we set a very high and short bar for the content that we take in. We're very picky when it comes to attracting our attention and trying to get our engagement is no easy task.

Did you know that the average page visit lasts less than a minute and users often leave web pages in just 10–20 seconds? Or did you know that users will read at most 28% of the words in your content during an average visit?

And what about creative?

Visual information can be processed 60,000 times faster than text and is easier to remember. Text-heavy content is a sure way to lose your viewership over a short space of time and as B2B Marketers, it is important to include visuals to break up content and increase engagement. With over 51% of B2B marketers prioritising the creation of visual assets in today’s market, it’s set to be the key to the future of content engagement with consumers.

So how can you retain the attention of your audience?

The overwhelming demand for more visual formats and the ever-growing evolution of technology has found the user looking for more. One method of ensuring your audience remains engaged for longer is to make your content interactive – demanding a more active response from the recipient.

Interactivity creates a more immersive yet personal experience and having this in one space is a must in today’s content-saturated space. A study from kapost highlights that interactive content generates at least two times as many conversions as non-interactive content, and this should come as no surprise. Engaging content allows brands to connect directly with their reader, offering value and cutting out any fluff.

As content attention spans continue to shorten, interactive content may pose a breath of fresh air for marketers struggling to break through the noise and gain traction with their audience. With many interactive content formats available, each solving different challenges, you can expect to see it a lot more as online marketing continues to evolve.

Introducing Prism Present

I’ll keep this brief, but if you want to provide your customers with:

  • Clear messaging
  • Simple navigation
  • Concise yet valuable content
  • Rich media
  • Responsive content

…and provide your colleagues with:

  • Rich analytics
  • The ability to measure ROI from content
  • High profile content

…you've come to the right place. We’ve developed Prism Present, a fully managed interactive eBook solution.

Supported with a full analytical backend, Prism Present allows you to respect the short amount of time available to your prospects by delivering engaging yet relevant content for your user base. Each bespoke build that we create for you provides a personalised user journey experience and supports a plethora of different media types such as: video, images, gifs, calculators, assessments, audio and more.

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